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Zacuto C100 Mark II Gratical HD EVF Recoil Bundle
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The Zacuto C100 Mark II Gratical HD EVF Recoil is a shoulder-mounted rig designed specifically for the Canon C100 Mark II, pairing Zacuto's C100 EVF Recoil with their Gratical HD Micro-OLED EVF and Axis Mini. The C100 Mark II Recoil features a VCT Universal baseplate, a C100 Mark II Helmet, and a Zgrip Relocator. The Helmet allows for a secure connection between the camera body and the Canon top handle while also providing a 15mm rod port for the Axis Mini and multiple 1/4"-20 screw holes for mounting accessories. The Zgrip Relocator re-positions the camera's handgrip for comfortable shooting and camera control.

The shoulder rig is designed for optimal balance and comfort when shoulder-mounted or on a tripod, without the need for heavy counterweights. Since modern lenses and cameras are similar weights, the balance point is often where the lens meets the camera body. Zacuto's Recoil rigs place the balance directly over your shoulder, relocating focus, monitoring, and camera controls forward, and creating a lighter and shorter rig.

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