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Westcott Eyelighter Reflective Panel
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In 2014, Westcott teamed with photographer Larry Peters to pioneer the latest tool for portrait photographers. The Eyelighter is the only curved reflector available on the market. Featuring a durable aluminum frame and highly-reflective silver surface, The Eyelighter produces a pristine reflection and a beautiful catchlight for professional portraiture. Now, portrait photographers can obtain clamshell lighting with a natural looking reflection. The Eyelighter is the triflector, reinvented.

This arc-shaped reflector was inspired by the unique curvature of the human eye. Specifically designed for beauty and portrait photography, The Eyelighter reflects an arched light toward your subject, leaving a catchlight that follows the natural curve of the iris. Unlike triflectors, this catchlight is seamless, without unflattering gaps. This detailed reflection unique to the Eyelighter and is obtainable without handheld reflectors or multiple light setups.

The Eyelighter frame in constructed with strong aluminum allowing for lightweight durability. In true Westcott fashion, only the finest reflective fabric is incorporated in this reflector. Tension rods are utilized to pull this material taut, maximizing the light casted. Assembly and tear down are simple, allowing for quick on-location shooting.

  • 1 x Rechargeable Battery for Icelight 2
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