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Promaster Quad Filter Kit for Phantom 3
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The Promaster Quad Filter Kit for Phantom 3 drones is specifically for the Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced models.  The kit includes 3 filters and a metal lens cap for protection in storage, as well as a storage case for the filters.

Included are a UV protection filter, circular polarizer, and a variable neutral density filter.  All feature Promaster's Repellamax coatings that are found exclusively in their HGX filters.  The Repellemax coatings make the UV filter a top choice for superior in-flight performance and protection.  The Repellemax coatings help repel atmospheric dirt and moisture for clearer video and still photos.

The circular polarizer can be used to improve the look of blue skies, saturate colors, and reduce reflections and glare.  The variable neutral density filter is helpful in controlling exposure, making it easier to avoid blowing out the highlights in your aerial photography.  
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