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Promaster Light Wand
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The Promaster Light Wand creates a soft, smooth, wrap around light that is simply beautiful for portraiture.  It can also be used to create a new and unique lighting look with products and smaller outdoor items (flowers, rock formations, isolated scenics, etc.).

The Light Wand is portable and lightweight (only 23.7oz. with battery).  It is powered by and internal battery or AC power.  The Light Wand comes with two batteries PLUS an external charger.  The Sony NPF550-style batteries can be charged internally as well.

The Light Wand's rotating turret allows the photographer to quickly change from daylight balanced to warm, tungsten light quickly and easily.

 Output Power:
116 Lux at 10' at maximum power
83 lux at 10' with amber diffuser
63 Lux at 10' with daylight diffuser
+ Color Temperature: 5600K +/-200, or 3200K +/- 200 when using amber diffuser
+ Battery Run Time: 45 - 60 minutes at maximum power
+ Color Accuracy: CRI 90+
+ Dimensions: 22" / 56cm x 2 3/16" / 6cm
+ Weight: 23.7oz with battery (20.3oz light wand only)
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