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Promaster AC Adapter for Universal Card Reader with Hub (#3484)
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The new Promaster USB 2.0 Universal Card Reader with USB Hub is the latest in Promaster's attempt to produce a reader that presents the minimum number of issues for the consumer.  Promaster redesigned their popular All-in-one reader to minimize problems with bent pins in the CF slot.  To do this, they made the CF slot deeper and removed the CF type-2 notch to make the CF cards only fit in one way for a perfect fit.  Promaster also added 3 USB ports to make this Universal Reader double as a USB 2.0 hub.  Because of the power draw of many of today's peripherals that you might plug into a hub, the optional AC adapter (Promaster part #3498) is recommended for optimal performance (for USB performance only, it does not increase performance of the card reader).  
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