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Manfrotto RC Clamp LANC Remote Control
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The Canon RC Clamp LANC Remote Control is used with LANC (Canon/Sony) cameras and can be clamped onto round tubes with 0.47-0.9" (12-23 mm) diameters using a quick-lock fastening clamp. It can be easily attached to a pan bar. With efficient quick lock and speed controls, the unit enables quick camera set up. A max-speed zoom potentiometer allows you to adjust the zoom speed of the camera.

In addition to wide-rotation (±50°) Zoom/Focus knob, it also has a LED indicator displaying camera recording, zoom and focus settings. The RC Clamp LANC Remote Control has an anti-scratch and dirt-repellent keypad. It has a heavy-duty polycarbonate construction and an anti-slip soft touch finish.

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