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Manfrotto 522P Remote Control for the Panasonic AG-DVX100 Video Camcorders
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The Manfrotto 522P Remote Zoom Control Pan Bar is designed for users of the highly popular Panasonic DVX100 24P miniDV camera.

Built into a video head pan bar that attaches to any Manfrotto video head, the 522P Remote Control puts all of the essential commands of the Panasonic AG-DVX100 at the user's fingertips, while simultaneously providing greater control over framing and camera movement by allowing the user to keep their hand on the pan bar at all times.

The 522P enables the user to control most of the camera's functions using just one finger, and provides them with a choice between a zero power consumption "analog" mode for basic functions and three AA (1.5 volt) battery-powered, advanced "digital" mode. The analog mode puts control of basic functions such as record/stop and progressive min-max zoom at the user's fingertips, while the digital mode offers a wealth of additional options.

For example, in digital mode, the professional zoom wheel can be used to control one of three preset maximum zoom speeds or a user-determined maximum speed, which can be set at exactly the level the user wants. This user-determined zoom speed setting remains programmed in the unit's memory even when batteries run down, until the user decides to change it.

In addition, digital mode allows users to choose between progressive zoom speed (the further you rotate the wheel, the faster the zoom) and fixed zoom speed for all options except the slowest preset speed. Simply pressing the button once sets the zoom speed at progressive, while pressing it twice automatically selects the fixed zoom option.

The 522P also permits switching between left to right and right to left zoom, a feature that is especially useful for left-handed operators. It has a LED power indicator that alerts the operator to low power situations in plenty of time to replace the three AA cells. The 522P is already mounted on a telescopic video head pan bar and comes with all parts necessary for quick and easy attachment to any of Manfrotto's professional head models, 501, 503, 505, 510, or 516.

The 522P can also be attached to almost any pro head with a simple, optional adapter.
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