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Gitzo Systematic Geared Center Column for Series 2/3/4 Tripods
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The aluminum Systematic Geared Center Column for Series 2/3/4 Tripods from Gitzo has a wide-diameter column that maintains the strength of Systematic Series 2/3/4 tripods no matter how high it is set, and allows precise, safe raising and lowering of the camera, no matter how heavy it is. The rapid column is locked and unlocked by a simple twist mechanism similar to Gitzo's tripod legs, sliding quickly within the tripod shoulder, providing the same strong and solid locking mechanism under heavy loads.

This design is longer than previous versions of this product, and features new components such as a Power Disc with head-locking screws, and a retractable hook that allows stabilizing counterweights to hang from the center column. It is also compatible with the safety-catch feature of Gitzo's updated Systematic tripods. A safety latch on the base of the head prevents it from falling out until a button on the underside is pressed - providing secure, accident-proof support, even when swapping center components.
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