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Gitzo GS5370MC Quick Release Plate (Medium) with 2 1/4"-20 & 2 3/8" Screws
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The Gitzo GS5370MC Quick Release Plate is a 3.2" long plate that comes supplied with two 1/4"-20 and 3/8" screws each, plus a video pin. Having two screws available for each size provides a distinct advantage for heavy equipment or longer lenses and scopes. The plate can be inserted into the head's quick release in both directions. To prevent loss, the mounting screws must be threaded out, unlike other brands that use a rubber gasket that can wear out.

This is a "C" type plate, and is compatible with all current (as of 7/08) heads, except for the Off-Center Heads. It is also compatible with the G2285MB and GS3760C quick release adapters. Its screws are made of high quality steel.

Replaces G2382B plate.

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