Canon WP-DC44 Waterproof Case For PowerShot G1 X Digital Camera
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The Canon WP-DC44 Waterproof Case For PowerShot G1 X Digital Camera is a durable underwater housing for your PowerShot G1 X digital camera. It is designed to protect your valuable investment against sea water and sand. The housing has a depth rating of 130' (39.6 m). Its built-in flash diffusion plate helps prevent glare for improved visibility and ensures even underwater flash illumination. This case lets you take advantage of the camera's Underwater mode, which enables you to capture images beneath the surface with minimized backscatter.

The housing's mechanical controls enable access to the camera's Macro Mode and to its wide-angle shooting capabilities. Macro mode is ideal for extreme close-up shots, while wide-angle shooting is designed for situations where you want to get closer to your subject while still fitting everything in-frame. The camera's wide-angle lens cuts down on distortion caused by the water between you and your subject, thus producing greater image fidelity and quality. The case also permits access to your camera's Stitch Assist Mode for panorama shots.

A versatile housing, the WP-DC44 can also be used above the surface, in environments where snow, sand, excess humidity or dust could cause damage to your digital camera. A great companion for underwater adventures, skiing excursions and many other outdoor activities, the case provides a nice safety net for your PowerShot--so you can focus on getting the shots you want, without having to worry about the well-being of your camera.
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