Canon PF-01 Print Head for the iPF5000
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Engineered for speed and advanced image production, the iPF5000 boasts Canon's dual print head system to lay down ink with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Unlike conventional printers with a single print head, the iPF5000 uses two high-precision, high density print heads with a total of 30,720 nozzles. It lays down precise 4pl ink droplets to produce sharp detail and excellent image quality.

The superfine 4pl droplets produce delicate color gradations and high-definition. The twin lines of nozzles on the new print heads enable the iPF5000 to minimize the number of printing passes and still maintain print quality. Each of the 2 print heads contain 6 colors, for a total of 12, each employing 2,560 nozzles for a grand total of 30,720 nozzles. This print head technology enables the iPF5000 to print at a true 1200 dot pitch with remarkable speed.

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