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LENSband Flash Band
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The Flash Band by Lens Band is a high quality silicone band that stretches around the top of a speedlight and snugly stays in place. Its primary function is to identify flash units that are being used off-camera, in a public setting. For example, if you are shooting a concert and have an off-camera flash set up near the stage, you want that speedlight to be identifiable and you want it to be left alone. The bright yellow color of the Flash Band and its black text, reading DO NOT TOUCH, make clear to anyone that the flash belongs to someone and is in use. The band also has a dedicated space to write your name or other pertinent information. It fits tightly around the flash unit and can also be used to hold color gels and light modifiers in place. As mentioned, the band is made of strong silicone that can stretch to twice its size and therefore fit almost any speedlight on the market.
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