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Aquapac 348 Small Whanganui Electronics Case
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The Aquapac Small Whanganui Electronics Case (348) allows you to take your Droid, BlackBerry, HTC Desire, or other larger smartphone or GPS device underwater – or at least into splash zones. With confidence you can take calls from the comfort of your surfboard and record clear video through the flexible watertight housing. The phone or other device functions normally through the case, including its buttons, capacitive touchscreen, and talking & listening functions. The housing is guaranteed to be submersible up to 15', so the backyard pool is certainly not the limit of your underwater shooting adventures. The Aquapac 348 comes with a lanyard. But if you do happen to lose your grip on the Small Whanganui Electronics Case housing, it will conveniently float on the water surface with the device inside. The windows are composed of LENZFLEX material, which is designed to be optically clear to facilitate optimal viewing and underwater photography & video capture.
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