Zacuto Z-NEWS Newsman Baseplate Kit
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The Newsman Kit allows you to shoulder mount your camera for quick, rugged ENG shooting. The rig can be easily balanced with a few quick adjustments and gives smaller 1/3 or ½ cameras the stability of a larger shoulder-mounted camera, which will produce smoother shots. The Zoffset shifts the shoulder pad vertically and horizontally allowing the shooter to comfortably align his eye inthe viewfinder on camera models where they are center mounted. Zacuto's baseplate kits are universal and quick-releasable; they can be used with any 15mm lightweight accessories, follow focuses & matte boxes. The kits are designed to be used with current and future models of cameras & camcorders such as the: Panasonic HVX200a, DVX100a/b, Canon XL-H1, XL2, GL2, XH-A1 Sony XDCAM EX1, EX3, SO-HVR-Z1U, VX2000, PD-150, PD-170, JVC GY-HD100U, HD200U, HD250U, Silicon Imaging SI2K, RED ONE, and many more.
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