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Nikon CB-N1000SB Leather Body Case for Nikon 1 V1 Camera (White)
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The white Leather Body Case Set for Nikon 1 V1 Digital Camera with VR 10-30mm Lens from Nikon is a set of 2 protective leather cases designed specifically for the Nikon 1 V1 mirrorless digital camera with a Nikkor 10-30 mm Zoom Lens attached. The V1 is a compact, interchangeable lens camera. It slides into the smaller of these 2 leather cases like a cup sliding into a cup-holder. This case only covers the bottom, sides, and part of the front of the camera body. The case has a 1/4 threaded screw in the bottom, which fits into the camera's 1/4 tripod socket for mounting. The larger second case covers the rest of the front of the camera, fitting over and around the lens and over the top of the V1.
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