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Nikon WT-5A Wireless Transmitter
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Nikon's WT-5A Wireless Transmitter makes it possible to operate camera controls on your Nikon D4 (not included) camera using the web browser on your iPhone or iPad, including recording HD video. The WT-5A also transmits images to an FTP server or computer twice as fast as the previous WT-4A transmitter. Using the PC mode, you can also operate the D4 via Camera Control Pro 2 (not included), and release up to 10 remote D4/WT-5A combinations using one master camera. The WT-5A has a range of 590' and does not require batteries, as it draws its operating power from the camera it's mounted on. This transmitter is designed for use in the U.S.A., Canada, and Brazil.

The WT-5A is compatible with the D4 DSLR and when used with the UT-1 Communication Unit, is also compatible with the D800, D800E, D600, D610, D7000, and D7100 DSLRs.

  • HTTP Mode
  • Now you can use the web browser on your iPhone and/or iPad to operate camera controls or begin Live View shooting, including starting and stopping HD video and more.
  • Image Transmission Mode
  • Transmit images to an FTP server or computer two times faster than the Nikon WT-4A.
  • PC Mode
  • Operate the D4 via Camera Control Pro 2. From one master camera, simultaneously release up to ten remote D4/WT-5A combinations.
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