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Induro BHL2 Ball Head
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The Induro BHL2 Ball Head features separate controls for ball locking, pan-base locking, and tension to provide precise & reliable control over camera positioning. With its all-weather grip, the oversized knob enables extremely strong ball locking, which makes possible the head's remarkable load capacity of 66 lb. To accommodate different load sizes, an independent tension dial is integrated into the ball-locking knob. The separate locks for tilt and pan mean that you can reliably perform tasks such as panoramic photography, which require the camera's orientation to remain rock-steady while the position of the panning base changes. Around the base are degree markers that aid in the accurate capture of panoramas that will be stitched together later. The head pans a full 360? and tilts 90? to -45? to accommodate portrait orientation. The BHL2 head features an Arca-Swiss-style clamping quick-release element, with a double lock to protect your gear from damage. A bubble level on the clamping element helps ensure that your framing hews to the horizon. A PU-60 dovetail plate with a 1/4-20 screw is included, and the head is compatible with most Arca-style camera plates from other manufacturers. The oversized ball-locking knob provides a good all-weather grip for smooth camera positioning and locking control The separate pan-action lock and the graduated base scale make 360-degree horizontal camera positioning simple and repeatable A double safety lock with dual-action control ensures smooth, secure, and rapid camera changes Built-in bubble level on quick-release platform enables precise alignment The head features an integrated lock-limiter tension control ? this rapid independent adjustment compensates for individual camera weight Exceptionally high load capacity of 66 lb Ideal for positioning any SLR or DSLR camera ? even with long telephoto lenses ? or a medium-format camera Perfect companion for Induro size 2 tripods
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