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Cinevate Cyclops Viewfinder
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Using precision molded fibre-reinforced composite, the Cyclops sled starts out as a highly engineered foundation for nearly limitless rigging options. The impressive 72mm optic uses several exotic glass elements that are optically bonded, then fully coated for maximum brightness. The optic can be quickly removed and attached to the front of your camera via its 72mm threads. The result is a +5 power macro with resolution to match even full size HDSLR sensors. If you're looking to capture detail like the compound eye elements of a spider, you'll want to try this macro out front! If it's that good out front of your camera, imagine how razor sharp it is out back. Fully adjustable (3 axis) to accommodate even larger cameras like the Nikon D3s and Canon 1D MkIV, the finder does not attach in any way to your LCD. No velcro, sticky tape or elastics! Its size is 20cm (8) long, 14cm (5.5) at its widest and 7.5 (3) high. Why is Cyclops as large as it is? The answer is immediately obvious when using the finder. Rather than having one eye locked to the viewfinder, a shooter can achieve critical focus from as far away as 36 from the camera! Both eyes can be used to frame/focus and there is no need to remove eye-glasses. Unlike typical viewfinders, you might look at Cyclops as an alternative to a monitor as a director and shooter can view images at the same time while using Cyclops! Future proofing (and we know camera LCDs are getting bigger!) is achieved by using interchangeable front/rear hood elements. CAMERA AND LENS ARE NOT INCLUDED! Note that for Canon 7D and T2i (which have lower LCD screens) we provide a special riser to raise the Cyclops to optimum height. So when ordering the Cyclops for any of these cameras, be sure to include a brief note in the comments box pointing it out and the shim will be included.
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