Quantum Turbo Blade Rechargable Battery
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Weighing in at under 15 oz and measuring just 1.44 in height it's ideal for grab-and-go photography. Not only does it go anywhere but it fits anywhere as well. The 1/4-20 top tripod screw nestles neatly into your SLR, adding just enough weight for stability. Slip a flash into the hot shoe and you'll truly experience the balance of power in a sleek form factor. For additional support Quantum has added a 1/4-20 tap on the bottom of the unit for tripod, monopod or lightstand mounting. Although these attributes are reason enough to purchase the Blade it's really all about the power, isn't it? Quantum comes through with up to 2850 flashes at 1/8 power for shoe mounted flashes. That translates as fill-flash heaven. The Blade includes features that we've come to expect from Quantum over the years like a gas gauge type power indicator and sleek rugged exterior. With the introduction of the Blade power just got smaller, faster and lighter.
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