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Promaster Digital Soft A Filter - 55mm
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The Digital Soft A is a lenslet type filter. It is randomly covered with what looks like small raindrops. Much like real raindrops, these lenslets act as tiny lenses refocusing the image away from the film or imaging sensor?s plane and because they don?t cover the entire filter surface, it produce images that appear sharp and soft at the same time. There is no effect on color rendition or exposure factor with the Digital Soft A. Digital Anti-Reflection Multi Coating ? Specially formulated to pass light reflected off of a digital camera?s anti aliasing filter and silicon based CCD or CMOS sensor. Black Almite Frame and Black Rimmed Glass ? The black matte aluminum satin finish almite frame and black rimmed glass aid in reducing stray light and unwanted reflections. Low Profile Frame ? Ultra thin low profile frames prevent vignetting on super wide digital format lenses. Knurled Frame Edges ? Frames feature a knurled edge frame for easy attachment and removal.
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