ThinkTank Skin Belt V2.0 - S-M-L
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Key Features on the V 2.0 Belts Fits Waist Sizes 27-42 New Sizing Advantages: The new sizing system provides greater overlap in-between the belts, which means there is a much greater possibility that the belt will fit. The belts are still based on the photographers measured waist size, since the sizes stated on pants vary from 2-6? smaller than a person?s measured waist size (by ?measured,? we mean taking a measurement tape and putting it around the waist where the belt would be worn). New ?Buckle Stop? : When photographers are using a modular belt system, it is very important that the buckle does not ?slip? or loosen up during the day. It is also important that when they take off the belt, or sling it over their shoulder, that the belt does not get bigger in size. The new ?Buckle Stop? works the following way: The photographer adjusts the primary buckle to the ideal position, and then they adjust the Buckle Stops directly against each side of the buckle. This prevents the main buckle from loosening. If the photographer wants, they can pull on the webbing and the belt becomes tighter. Once they loosen it, the Buckle Stop hits the main buckle and the belt is back at its original setting. Instructions are included with each belt. Compatible Accessories:Compatible Accessories: All Modular components All Skin components All Multimedia components Pixel Racing Harness Multimedia Headphone Hook
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