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Lumiquest LQ-122 Quik Bounce
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The LumiQuest Quik Bounce is designed for use with or without a ceiling to soften the light and transitioning from horizontal to vertical format without having to adjust the Quik Bounce on the flash. The unique design has doors that can be opened to allow 80% ceiling bounce while allowing 20% of the light to bounce off the remaining surface area to provide fill light and more even illumination. When there is no ceiling available to bounce the light (or the ceiling is too high or colored) the doors would remain closed and 100% of the light would bounce off this surface area. Application: To soften shadows and reduce unpleasant red eye. Unique design allows for shooting with or without a ceiling to achieve a softer look. Light Loss: Doors closed: Approximately 1 1/3 stops. Doors opened: Variable depending on ceiling height
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