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Gary Fong WhaleTail Reporter
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Whale tail Diffusers are the largest most secure and versatile flash diffusers on the market today. Gary Fong’s unique moveable and removable “flapâ€--0x9d-- system gives the photographer ultimate control in any lighting situation instantly. Whale Tail is available in two sizes Studio and Reporter. The WT Studio is considered the largest on-flash diffuser on the market and renders the best lighting available. The WT Reporter is a bit more compact for easier stowage and a bit less bulky. Still great lighting, just not quite as diffused as WT Studio. Both feature available unique accessories to provide the ultimate in lighting control including amber flaps for warming, chrome flaps for light multiplying, and gel kits for special effects lighting. The flaps pop on and off instantly and the gels slip into pre-set slots quickly
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