Quantum Instruments TC Battery Pack - Turbo Compact Battery (325v) with 100/240 VAC USA/Canada Charg
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At the size of a 3.5 x 5 index card and weighing less than a pound, the new Quantum Turbo SC gives new meaning to convenient power. Turbo Slim Compact is so small and light that one photographer who tested it exclaimed: I completely forgot it was there! The Turbo SC is compatible with all Quantum C and CC-Series flash cables. Includes removable belt clip, 100-240 volt universal charger. Turbo Compact and Turbo 2x2 power a digital camera from one cable, and a flash through another. The proper voltage for each camera model is automatically adjusted. To power a different camera or flash, change only the cable. Like the original Turbo Battery, the Compact, Slim Compact, and 2x2 provide ultra-fast flash recycling and camera power for the longest, most intensive shoots. For flash that's up to seven times faster and 10 times the power of internal batteries (see charts below). Turbo AC provides the same performance as the battery powered Turbo Compact - except Turbo AC is continuously powered anywhere in the world - from 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. The only other thing you need is an AC outlet. Today's digital cameras and flash demand more power. Different voltages. Different AC adapters for auxiliary power. Turbo? Batteries are the portable power solution.
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